JCSC Orientation

One day or Day one? The Council awaits your decision. The doors of the JUNIOR COUNCIL OF STUDENT CHAPTERS (JCSC) are open only to those students who are bold enough to knock, eager enough to train, and strong willed enough to serve our fellow EE and EET students. FAQS: Interested students are encouraged to partake... Continue Reading →


5th Annual Leaders’ Forum

Factions will be determined. Leaderships will be tested. Divergents will be known. The choosing ceremony has now begun, prepare yourselves as the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines Inc. – Council of Student Chapters (IIEE-CSC) summons you to the 5th Annual Leaders’ Forum this 15th of July 2017, 8AM at the Far eastern... Continue Reading →

13th Regional Student Conference

Districts be warned!!! On the 28th of September, the reapings will commence, the tributes will be chosen and the new victors will be hailed. Prepare and arm yourselves as the heralds of the 13th Regional Student Conference resonate throughout Panem. Obey and witness all as the tributes from different regions run to the cornucopia of... Continue Reading →

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